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Make small-group travel work for your organization

Colleges, universities, arts groups, churches, museums and alumni organizations have turned to Travel with the Experts Ltd. for customized, distinctive tours. Beyond the travel experience, enjoy these benefits:

  • unique fundraising potential
  • more frequent interaction with members
  • outreach to possible new members and lasting friendships.

There are always questions before setting off on any adventure. Here are some answers on making small group travel a success.

Q. Do you accompany all your groups?

A. No, because our group leader or “expert” typically has the complete support of a local tour operator who joins the group at its destination. These local companies offer on-call service and meet any of the group’s needs. Our staff may travel with the group for additional help, or upon request, with a large number of passengers.

Q. Is this a fundraiser or a way to generate alumni donations?

A. Some organizations have included a $50 or $100 per-person donation in the tour price, though it is not tax-deductible. This method of fundraising can be advertised to your group as a way to support a particular department, school, study program or alumni group. We are proud to report that one of our clients received a $10 million contribution from an alumnus who toured with the university’s president. The travel experience demonstrated the school’s alumni community and commitment to lifelong learning.

Q. Who’s our expert? How do I find one?

A. Typically, a popular, outgoing and sociable professor or administrator chooses to lead a group to a favorite location. Often, these people have unique knowledge of the destinations and cultures – for instance theater scholars with ties to London and Dublin, archaeologists who have worked in Egypt or Libya. A museum director or college/university president might host an exclusive trip where travelers get to interact in a more social environment. Many groups gather for a pre-departure dinner and meet each other and then set mini-reunions after their return.

Q. How far in advance do we need to plan travel?

A. Most tours are scheduled a year in advance of departure to allow for reservations planning, effective promotion and contact with your group via mail, e-mail, advertising and word-of-mouth. Proposing several different tours – domestic and international at various times of the year – can help identify popular choices and reduce financial risks. Full payment or cancellation deadlines are typically 60 days before departure.

Q. We don’t have budget for this, how do we begin?

A. Test a travel program for free through e-mail marketing campaigns to targeted audiences. Low-cost mailers can also be an effective way of updating your contact lists and obtaining address corrections – offering the added benefit of database maintenance. Travel with the Experts handlesall inquiries and reservations, but never has access to your lists, contacts or database.

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